IDRO-ATTIVA DEEP MOISTURIZING CREAM from COLLISTAR. A cream that is a true icon, highly appreciated for years by millions of consumers. Although its texture has not changed, it is now even more effective thanks to the new formula enriched with the exclusive hydrating and firming Idro-Attiva Complex and with the extraordinary Italian peony extract, with extraordinary regenerative, antioxidant and detox power. Rich and concentrated, it strengthens the skin, protects it and helps it quickly regain perfect hydration, which it maintains for 72 hours. In addition to stimulating the skin's natural capacity for self-hydration, it restores and maintains a perfect intracellular water level over time, whatever the weather and environmental conditions. From the moment it is applied, it provides comfort to even the driest skin, attenuates the signs of dehydration, firms the face and makes it extraordinarily luminous and soft. With regular use, it consolidates the hydrolipidic balance of skin tissues and makes them stronger and more vital. Suitable for all skin types, even dry skin. Translated by Google
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50 ml
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Face moisturizer
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More than 50 years old
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