AN ODE TO PLEASURE AND LIFE JOY BY DIOR by Dior is the new fragrance with which the Dior House captivates our senses, and invites us to immerse ourselves in crystalline, transparent waters, to find the path to happiness. A clear, soft and energetic perfume, full of emotions and light, lots of light. Launched in 2018 by Francois Demachy, it has created great excitement among fans of the firm. A release very desired and awaited by both the adult and younger audiences, thus satisfying and uniting all its audience. It is an essence that is not imposed by age or time, and that defines the free woman, who loves herself and is valued; that woman whom everyone admires, personally and professionally, who fights for her dreams and achieves them, and whose only secret to success is her smile. HIS SCENT ... Included in the Floral Woody family, his trail begins with a citrus and floral explosion, followed by a pleasant woody warmth, and ending with a powdered whisper from the musks. A dance of high quality notes that rests on the skin creating a delicate veil of great sensuality. JOY DOES NOT UNDERSTAND LIMITS . For all ages, for any time of the day and in total harmony with all seasons of the year. JOY is a safe bet, neither very formal nor very casual, a balanced fragrance to accompany our day to day. JENNIFER LAWRENCE . A face well known by the firm that fully represents JOY. Exuberant as well as natural beauty, it has been chosen to give life and face to this perfume.
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90 ml
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Eau de Parfum
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