FEEL THE PURITY AND FRESHNESS OF BAMBOO ON YOUR SKINAgua de Bambu by Adolfo Dominguez is a Eau de Toilette for women included in the floral aquatic family. It is a variant of Bambu, which looks lightened and refreshed, and comes to our senses as a puff full of purity and energy.This fragrance was created in 2011. It is a spontaneous and natural aroma, which at the same time shows off and highlights the natural elegance of each woman. With a discreet and dynamic character, its wake wraps us in a fresh mantle of marine notes and immerses us in a world where calm, serenity and peace reign.Its olfactory pyramid, highly comforting, begins with yuzu, lotus flower and bamboo, soft and delicate aromas, closely related to watery elements and that revive this facet of the perfume. Next, its heart is formed by a floral bouquet, composed of jasmine and freesia, white flowers with a clean and very feminine aroma, which maintain the line and silkiness of the beginning. Finally, this experience concludes with an intensified background, due to the presence of cedar and musk.YOUNG AUDIENCE. Being a lighter version than its predecessor, this perfume wants to enter a younger audience. Active and energetic girls looking for a moment of escape and self-enjoyment. SUMMERTIME. Bamboo Water is a perfect choice for cooling and harmonizing the hottest days. An aroma that creates the same pleasant effect as a sea breeze, filling our senses with freshness.BAMBOO CANE. His bottle emulates the silhouette of a bamboo cane. Long and stylish, with the curvature that it adopts by the wind that rocks it. On this occasion, it is dyed in blue tones, in relation to the great presence of watery elements in its wake.
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Eau de Toilette
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Eau de Toilette
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