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COOL AND SENSUAL, THIS IS THE NEW PERFUME OF LAGERFELD FLEUR D'ORCHIDEE by Karl Lagerfeld is an Eau de Parfum for women that is included in the Floral family, launched in 2019 by the perfumer Emilie Copperman. Fashion, glamor, exclusivity ... are just some of the adjectives that describe the Karl Lagerfeld universe. All her designs are the object of desire of a large number of users, and so she reaffirms it with the launch of her new feminine fragrance. A perfume that combines elegance, sensuality and sophistication, and elevates it to infinity until it achieves perfection. With this fragrance, the haute couture firm aims to bring a touch of elegance to our daily lives. A creation that shines for its luminosity and avoids formalities, maintaining a sophisticated style as well as casual. ITS STELA ... A refreshing citrusy chord made up of the essence of neroli and grapefruit kick off its trail. Then a floral heart based on orchid or Arabian jasmine provide a touch of irresistible femininity, to finish with a warm and penetrating background, starring cedar and tonka bean. LES PARFUMS MATIERES is the fragrance collection that includes this perfume, all inspired by a specific element of nature, this time the Orchid Flower. SIMPLE AND PURE. This is the bottle that surrounds this perfume. Carved on glass, it adopts a cylindrical silhouette, tinted by a delicate orange tone, allowing us to glimpse its interior content.

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100 ml
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Eau de Parfum
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Eau de Parfum
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