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PHYTO-LIP DELIGHT by Sisley. A lip balm that combines colour and treatment with an attractive glossy finish.Treatment or makeup? Now with Sisley you can look after and beautify your lips in a single gesture. PHYTO-LIP DELIGHT is a lip balm that provides a beautiful veil of colour at the same time as providing dry lips with intense hydration and nourishment.An emergency treatment that immediately returns supple softness to the delicate skin of the lips, eliminating the sensation tightness and possible cracks, leaving a softened and protected smile.Its light texture prevents an oily finish, and becomes an essential complement for a casual informal look, as well as for an elegant and formal style.In addition, its exclusive applicator has an incomparable softness, and allows for easy application even without a mirror.

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6 ml
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Lip balm
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