EXPLORER, A JOURNEY AROUND THE WORLD EXPLORER by Montblanc is a men's Eau de Parfum that is included in the Woody Aromatic family, launched in 2019 by perfumers Jordi Fernandez, Antoine Maisondieu and Olivier Pescheux. With this perfume, the high jewelry firm opens a new episode of exploration in the perfumery sector, evoking a journey around the world. An aroma with character and intense, designed especially for free men, refined and with exquisite taste. Luxurious and imposing, EXPLORER enhances the brand's characteristic values. We are facing a fragrance that invites the male sector to start a journey through unexplored trails, to reach goals and reap success, all through high-quality raw materials and in high concentrations, an unconventional perfume that is here to stay . WHAT DOES IT SMELL LIKE? Its wake departs from classic and conventional aromas, incorporating notes as exclusive as leather, patchouli leaves from Indonesia, cocoa pod and Akgalawood, all sprinkled with pink pepper and citrus sparkles of bergamot. A very masculine and addictive composition. A FEW DOGS WILL ENOUGH . As it is a male Eau de Parfum, this essence has a high aromatic intensity so with just a few sprays we will keep our skin perfumed throughout the day. Being a fragrance with a great projection and chair, if we exceed it, its fantastic aromatic characteristics would be lost. ELEGANCE AND LUXURY . All Montblanc creations reflect luxury and sophistication, and with this perfume they reaffirm their pillars. So it is demonstrated by its bottle, cut in glass under a cylindrical silhouette, and wrapped in black leather. On the front and as the only decorative symbol, the signature logo stands out.
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