PI, THE SCENT OF INFINITYPi by Givenchy is an 'Eau de Toilette' for men belonging to the oriental woody family. This is one of the firm's fetish masculine fragrances. Pi, has been on the market for almost 20 years, and defines an adventurous man, with mathematical thoughts and in search of perfect results. This fragrance was created in 1998 by the master perfumer Alberto Morillas. It is composed of intense and powerful elements, related to your personality. It's perfect for man scouts, with a classic and extremely elegant air. Non-conformist men, who fight for their goals without ever throwing in the towel.Its olfactory pyramid has great strength. It begins with a masterful combination of several aromatic elements, such as rosemary, mandarin, tarragon and basil. Next, we can appreciate a floral heart, eclipsed by the sharpness and bitterness of anise, a dry and intense element that directs the harmony of the fragrance. Finally, its wake ends with a warm background full of sensuality, thanks to the fusion of almond, vanilla and cedar, among others.ETERNAL MASCULINITY. As we well know, Pi is an infinite number, used in various mathematical formulas. In this fragrance he represents infinite masculinity, a man with character and a very definite personality. This symbol is more than a number, it is a recognition of the absolute essence.INFINITE SEDUCTION. This fragrance represents an adventurous man and explorer of the unknown, a travelling man, who leaves his mark on all his destinies.CLASSIC MANLY. This is an icon of Givenchy, a mythical fragrance that has been on sale for decades, and is still one of the top ten most intense and classic fragrances for men.
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