LET THE FUN BEGIN! FRIDAY EDITION by El Ganso is a men's Eau de Toilette that is included in the Fougere Oriental family launched in 2019. With the entry of the year 2019, the Spanish fashion firm El Ganso launches its first collection of fragrances, a youthful, fresh and casual line, which this time is inspired by the feeling of joy felt when arriving on Friday, that moment in which the beginning of a new weekend full of adventures to be savored. A fun scent only suitable for the most enjoyable. HIS STELA Warm as well as refreshing. A contradiction of aromas derived from the combination of notes such as bergamot, anise, lavender, mint, sandalwood and tonka bean. TIMEless. A timeless enveloping aroma, ideal for daily use and informal occasions. SIMPLICITY AND PURITY. Its cylindrical bottle reflects absolute simplicity. Crystalline and totally transparent, it is crowned with a tricolor cap as the only decoration.
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125 ml
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Eau de Toilette
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