WELCOME TO THE GAULTIER GARDEN, ENJOY THE TEMPTATION LE BEAU by Jean Paul Gaultier is an Eau de Toilette from the aromatic woody fragrance family for men. It was launched in 2019 and its creation is the work of perfumers Sonia Constant and Quentin Bisch. Gaultier immerses us in a cult story in which he explains the creation of his particular Garden of Eden and its two main characters: La Belle and Le Beau. It is said that one morning the great Gaultier entered his mythical factory, large, cheerful and bright, and saw women and men. Thinking about his leisure, he decided: "Men and women should spend time together." On the first day, he created an enigmatic and charming garden. On the second day, I create its protagonists, born from the original Classique and Le Male, but much more pure, naked (but they don't seem to be cold ...). On the third day, he created the most delicious sins and made it clear that the temptations are to fall into them. The fourth day took the opportunity to rest (and let them explore). On the fifth day, the party was in full swing, the garden was lush, with humor for adventure and discovery of oneself and others. It was when he realized that his creation smelled almost divine. Le Beau begins its composition with refreshing bergamot that revitalizes the body and encourages it to activate. At the heart the coconut wood urges us to relax in the most earthly way, encouraging us to uninhibit ourselves. Finally, the tonka bean whispers sinful, seductive and difficult to ignore propositions. THE BOTTLE. Le Beau maintains the shape of a naked torso in faceted glass like Le Male Essence de Parfum, in a very bright greenish-blue tone. A vine leaf in gold is in charge of hiding the noble parts that will lead us to temptation. THE CAN. The Le Beau box is the well-known metallic tin in an emerald green hue, so dark that it recalls everything exuberant in this world. With golden letters like honey his name shines and attracts desire. THE ORIGINAL SIN. Forget everything you know so far and let the almighty Gaultier teach you the true sin, the one you must commit, because it is divine and delicious.
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Eau de Toilette
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