MAGNETISM, ATTRACTION AND MYSTERYNARCISO RODRIGUEZ FOR HIM BLEU NOIR is a men's "Eau de Parfum" belonging to the Woody family. It is a more penetrating and intense version than its concentration in "Eau de Toilette", in which the designer maintains the power of seduction and elegance that characterizes all his creations.In the FOR HIM BLEU collection, Rodriguez abandons the so characteristic 'aromatic' notes to intensify woody accords, and thus, promote a new vision of modern male sensuality.This fragrance, launched in 2018, sublimely combines intense freshness and nocturnal warmth, creating an addictive and irresistible stele, redolent of mystery and enigma. It reflects an intelligent man in full equilibrium with the contemporary world, sophisticated and with lethal weapons to seduce, a young, sexy and bewitching profile.Its olfactory pyramid has intense and dark notes, as the name suggests, 'bleu noir', blue-black, midnight blue. A fusion of premium high perfumery materials that combined create an enveloping and extremely attractive essence. Olfactory notes: cedar, vetiver, amber, musk and ebony.STRENGTH AND SELF-CONFIDENCE. A concoction made from strength and confidence, a magical elixir, which instantly grants self-confidence and clarity, also creating an intense sphere of desire and expectation.DARK RECTANGLE. Its bottle follows the simple and pure lines characteristic of the designer's fragrances. This time, its inner layers adopt an electrifying blue hue, thus honoring its name.MUSK. This element always becomes one of the protagonists of Narciso's fragrances, since the designer loves using this element, its essence and the sensations it awakens.
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