Volume Density Shampoo Foam by Marlies Moller. The foaming pleasure of an anti-hair loss shampoo that stimulates hair growth. Thanks to its modern formula in mousse texture, it cleanses gently and nourishes and strengthens the hair from the inside, creating a new sensation of lightness and volume. Its powerful active ingredient, gisant buds, protect from UV influences and environmental pollutants. The organic extract of pea sprouts is obtained under the highest conditions of purity and free of contamination. This extract stimulates the dermal papilla to produce the cellular substance FGF7 that activates the hair root and preserves the quality and durability of the hair throughout the growth period. Volume Density Shampoo provides natural volume by acting directly on the density of the hair. Strengthens the root prolonging the life cycle of each hair. The result? A strong, thick, healthy and shiny mane.
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Volumizing shampoo
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