L'ORPHELLINE , an ethereal, lonely and intimate fragrance from the Collection Noire by Serge Lutens . Mystique of incense; L'orpheline has chosen the decline of gray above all shades to evoke the cracks of its past. In successive layers, the thin film of dust testifies to his torn memory. Brittle, yet whole. In a low voice, his name cracks. Before the breach, the first two syllables bear the name of the poet who was even capable of seducing stones , Serge Lutens. A range of perfumes created by Serge Lutens, in his image and likeness! Minimalist, with clean lines and without concessions, each one of its bottles traces an absolutist sketch, reflects the demand and character of its creator. A statement of sobriety that enhances the richness and sumptuousness of the essence, with aromas and colors as varied and nuanced as the precious stones and rarities of our personality.
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Eau de Parfum
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Eau de Parfum
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