RESISTANCE EXTENTIONISTE bain of Kerastase , shampoo to strengthen longer hair. It protects the hair and reduces breakage.This shampoo is specially formulated for women seeking long and healthy hair. It acts within the hair, rebuilding structure and sealing the interior for greater protection during growth. In addition, it has a great cleansing power and adds shine and volume to the hair.Since 1964, Kerastase is synonymous with the highest quality hair care, setting new standards for professional products and analyzing hair in detail to create products and processes that turn beauty rituals into wellness.RESISTANCE EXTENTIONISTE length strengthening shampoo stands out because it. Strengthens the hair from the root to the tips. Helps improve the strength of natural hair fiber. Purifies the hair, for a healthy scalp. Provides brightness. Has a pleasant perfume, for a sensation of cleanliness and well-being. Prepares hair for deep conditioning.Recommended for fragile hair needing a strength and endurance boost
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250 ml
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Hair loss shampoo
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