DIVINSKIN Anti-Pollution Serum by Jeanne Piaubert . Anti-aging serum that protects the skin from environmental damage. Pollution, smoke, pollution, stress ... These are harmful factors for the skin that accelerate its aging and to which we are exposed every day. This serum has been created specifically to combat such damage and maintain healthy, young and protected skin for longer. Its formula acts on all the layers of the skin, stimulating the mechanisms of cellular renewal and slowing down the skin aging process. Made with exclusive assets, it offers a wide variety of benefits: Brings luminosity to the skin and favors a healthy and rosy tone. Keeps the skin protected from environmental contamination. Prevents premature aging and preserves youthful, even and smooth skin. Strengthens collagen fibers, favoring wrinkle correction. With a light and melting texture, it has a quick absorption and can be used to reveal the beauty of all skin types.
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30 ml
Product type
Antioxidant treatment cream
Recommended age
More than 50 years old
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