A REAL, JOVIAL AND JOYFUL SCENT MAGNOLIA FOLIE by Roger & Gallet is a Eau de Cologne for women with delicious floral notes, created by the French perfumer Frederique Terranova in 2018. For the creation of this fragrance, the master perfumer took inspiration from the happiest and most energetic facet of the empress of the Second Empire, women with an enviable know-how, transmitters of power and serenity. We are therefore facing a perfume that reflects the aroma of royalty, the authentic essence of real personalities. On this occasion, the perfume takes on a more jovial and cheerful tone, with a casual style without neglecting elegance. A creation describes a fantasy and daring woman, with a great vision of life and an adventure lover, who likes to close her eyes and let her imagination lead her. WHAT DOES IT SMELL LIKE? . With character and delicacy, two opposites that balance perfectly in the wake of this perfume. As central notes we find a trio of aces: magnolia, orange blossom and jasmine, around them, elements like cassis, patchouli and cedar dance gracefully. ARTISANAL PERFUMERY. The perfumes of this firm enjoy a great artisan tradition in their manufacturing process. Classic distillations and natural plants and oils make each of Roger & Gallet's works a unique jewel in perfumery. Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that the firm was the official provider of all the royal courts. SMALL FAMILY BUSINESS. This perfume factory started as a small family business, which eventually developed into a large business.
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