SISLEYA L'INTEGRAL ANTI-AGE serum concentre anti-rides by Sisley , an intensive anti-wrinkle serum for all skin types. The Sisley research goes one step further in its innovation and creates treatments focused on the origin of skin aging so that its effect has continuity over time. Wrinkles can appear on the face due to multiple factors such as facial expressions, environment, lifestyle and, of course, the passage of time, this serum has a double innovation that works against all types of wrinkles. On the one hand, it awakens the natural potential of the skin that allows it not to develop deep wrinkles. Thanks to the Porcelain Cocoa extract, it manages to provide polyphenols that activate the natural production of collagen so that wrinkles naturally diminish. On the other hand, it regenerates the skin from the inside thanks to the combination of vegetable active ingredients such as soy peptide, Blue Agave yeast, White Willow leaf, rosehip extract and iris. These ingredients work at different levels to provide global anti-wrinkle benefits. The result is much smoother skin and smoother expression lines, an instant lifting sensation that instantly envelops the face with a smooth effect.
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