L'ORCHIDEE CORAIL by Sisley . Illuminating blush to sculpt the face and beautify the skin. Once again Sisley invites us to feel an absolute need for her new illuminating blush. A blush with pearly particles that combines 3 different colors, all balanced with each other and ultra melting with the skin, to sculpt, enhance and beautify the skin of the face. The combination of these 3 pearl shades acts as a light diffuser, revealing a healthy glow, a rosy hue and a totally attractive look. A single stroke will be enough to see the big difference instantly. This blush provides color under a luminous and silky finish, thanks to its formula enriched with Azucena extract that helps preserve the smoothness of the epidermis. A point of distinction that reflects the great luxury and exclusivity of the firm is its presentation, a shiny silver case that protects the blush inside. On its compact powder base, we can see how the 3 shades are carefully carved to form the firm's logo.
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