AN ITALIAN PRINCESSNEROLI AMARA by Van Cleef & Arpels is an unisex "Eau de Parfum" from the Citrus Floral family. This perfume belongs to the 'COLLECTION EXTRAORDINAIRE' characterized by the creation of luxurious, exclusive and highly sophisticated essences, with a limited scope and exquisite quality.This fragrance, launched in 2018 by the perfumer Quentin Bisch, takes inspiration from the Princess of Nerola, Anne Marie Orsini, who adored the scent of the orange tree flower so she used it regularly in her beauty rituals and even impregnated her gloves and clothes with it. A story of the seventeenth century embodied in a refined, fresh and very versatile aroma.Its stele, replete with light and dynamism, includes very Mediterranean notes, typical of Italian vegetation. Top notes offer a combination of refreshing citrus sprinkled with pink pepper. Then, its heart adopts a unique personality thanks to the fusion of cypress, black pepper, orange blossom and pear. Finally, thanks to the union of neroli and white musk, an aura is created that reaffirms the brand's own elegance.NICHE PERFUMES. COLLECTION EXTRAORDINAIRE belongs to the 'Niche Perfumery' category, that is, a type of perfumery characterized by brands which do not advertise their creations, nor reveal their ingredients and even create perfumes tailored to each user. A sybarite art for the most demanding noses.ABSOLUTE SIMPLICITY. Its bottle, carved from glass, gives total prominence to the golden essence inside. Straight lines and a sturdy base wrapped in a delicate medallion around its neck. MEMORIES OF AN UNFORGETTABLE SUMMER. By spraying this fragrance on our skin, the mind automatically returns to past summers and adventures lived in those months of fun and romanticism. A moment of regression to instants of extreme happiness.
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Eau de Parfum
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