FLOWERS AND MORE FLOWERS ... SPRING IS ALREADY HERE! JIMMY CHOO FLORAL by Jimmy Choo is a women's Eau de Toilette that is included in the Floral Fruity family, launched in 2019 by perfumer Louise Turner. With this fragrance, the well-known fashion brand invites us to welcome spring with a touch of glamor and elegance, but without leaving behind joy and carefreeness. Thus, this Jimmy Choo release reaches a younger and more spontaneous audience, reflecting the beauty, happiness and confidence of every woman. A set that shines for its luminosity and delicacy, but, although it seems contradictory, it has great strength and an unmistakable identity. An exquisite combination that expresses good taste and security. YOUR STYLE ... We can define this fragrance as a delicious cocktail of fresh fruits and freshly carved flowers. A fusion of notes such as orange, bergamot, nectarine, magnolia, apricot blossom and musk combined in their highest purity. SPRING DAYS . Ideal for warm spring days, this perfume will become an essential complement to bring freshness to our looks. CRYSTALLINE DROP . Its bottle, maintains the signature glamor, adopts a spherical shape imitating the famous Murano glass, tinted in a water green color for its interior liquid. A play of light full of style.
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90 ml
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Eau de Toilette
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Eau de Toilette
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