A PERFUME CONNECTING THE PAST AND FUTUREGivenchy by Organza is an Eau de Parfum for women, with oriental floral notes. It is a fragrance that pays tribute to women, both past and the future, and provides them an indescribable flavour: exotic and sensual, an ode to femininity. This fragrance was created in 1996 by perfumer Sophie Labbe, who grabbed his inspiration in women of ancient Rome, as his silhouette, and ancient Egypt for its exotic and oriental features. He merged these two-profile s out there mythical and women Organza, a delicate and subtle, like the tissue providing name women: one of the most coveted haute couture and exceptional fabrics used for special occasions. Olfactory pyramid starts with notes like African orange flower, gardenia and nutmeg, floral, but with a spiced touch, delicately are opening door to his Honeysuckle protagonists, tuberose, jasmine, iris, walnut and peony that grow with the sensuality of vanilla, amber, Virginia cedar, guaiac wood and wood notes, in charge of completing the pyramid.A DRESS MADE PERFUME. This is the feeling Organza produce in our bare skin. Its softness and delicacy fall upon us to fit the shape of its body and cover it like a couture dress in question.ANCIENT GREEK PILLARS. The bottle of this perfume represents a column of the Ancient Greece, firm and slender, and inside we see carved perfect body measurements of a statuesque woman.CLASSIC SMELL. This fragrance has a classic fragrance, that follows the canons of the Decade of the 90s, intense and floral perfumes with certain oriental touch.
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