CELLUBLOCK gel anticelulitico intensive Yacel, a cream gel refreshing draining and reduces cellulite. This intensive gel has a triple action. On the one hand, it is an intensive fat burner, reduces fat accumulations and prevents its accumulation in cellulite nodules. In addition, it is draining and reduces volume by eliminating liquids and toxins. And last but not least, it acts intensively in less time, with a proven effectiveness in 2 weeks. Its secret is in its formula that combines Adipo-Burn CE Complex and Cell Power Booster. The Adipo-Burn CE Complex is a complex of extracts and liposomes such as drosera ramentacea, a carnivorous plant that prevents the accumulation of fats. In addition to salicylic acid that guarantees the penetration of assets and renews the skin, caffeine, carnitine, ivy and escin. The Cell Power Booster is an active enhancer with creatine that energizes the cellular processes and increases the effectiveness of the treatment, and with EH Olivate that drives the active ingredients towards the target cells. Dermatologically tested, paraben-free, paraffin-free, not tested on animals and suitable for pregnancy and lactation.
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Cellulite cream and treatments
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