SLIMTECH GEL INTELIGENT ANTI-CELLULITE 24h / 24 by Jeanne Piaubert , an intensive 24-hour anti-cellulite treatment. The revolution comes with the Jeanne Piaubert Method. Finally we can say goodbye to the most rebellious cellulite thanks to this anti-cellulite reducing treatment that acts like a true Personal Trainer . Its BI-ADAPTIVE technology makes it an intelligent treatment that acts on two assumptions: Fat accumulated by jet lag (day-night) Fat accumulated by the rhythm of life (food, work, sport) Its active ingredient Cell-Control acts on the fat molecules that create cellulite throughout the day, enhancing its dissolution at night, at work or while exercising and limiting its absorption and accumulation just after each meal. Its pleasant pink gel extends easily thanks to its integrated head consisting of 5 glass spheres that help to perform a draining massage and combat fat nodules. The result is much firmer, more compact and incredibly soft skin thanks to a smart treatment that will work for you for 24 hours.
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Cellulite cream and treatments
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